Bipolar II Back to Basics

Generally people are not aware that Bipolar II exists or that there is much of a difference in between it and Bipolar I. Since I’m in the early stages of this blog I want to go over the basics of the disorder.

To get started head to the following link and it gives a brief general overview of the types of the disorder and the differences. Yes that was brief, impersonal and boring. However, I wanted to give you a reliable source before saying too much more.

Bipolar II is filled with up’s and down’s. In my case, more down’s than up’s and thats true for most. It’s filled with moments, days or even months of depression. Some only experience mild depression and some severe and then again it can vary. This disorder loves to throw you curveballs to keep you on your toes!

It also has its manic side. Usually when people picture Bipolar mania they see the most extreme version of it. Being awake for days, promiscuity, gambling, spending sprees and other irratic behaviour. But this is not the case with Bipolar II, it is a milder version yet still extremely inconvenient. As I describe this mania, keep in mind the this disorder is not cookie cutter material. It can differ greatly from person to person. My mania only visits me every so often. I start to require less sleep, everything in my house is always caught up (due to an abundance of energy), I can’t sit still without moving a leg or something constantly in order to get the energy out of my body. I start to reach a point to where my thoughts constantly race, my speech is rapid, there is a constant need to move, colors seem extremely vivid, lack of focus and much more!

I’ve just touched on a few of the sympyoms that I have had. There are many more and like I said no person is the same so there are plenty of other syptoms that ones experience. What symptoms have you or someone you know experienced?

This is a jist of the basics so that I could lay a foundation for this blog. There is a lot to talk about. I hope you stay tuned!

18 responses to “Bipolar II Back to Basics

  • laurelscrown

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Thought I’d come and check out your blog. I struggled with BP for over twenty years. It hasn’t been an easy journey although things are leagues better now. In all this time would you believe nobody has ever given me a I or II diagnosis? I don’t even think I really even know what the differences are even though I had to have looked it up once upon a time many moons ago.

    Thanks for giving some insights and providing a link. My blog tends to be more experiential and faith based, so it was nice to read something different. Keep blogging. It’s the cheapest form of therapy out there. 🙂

    • acrazybeautifulmind

      Thanks for checking it out! I’m stunned that you haven’t received an exact diagnoses! I was diagnosed at 18 but looking back I had it all as a child.
      I’m starting to see the connection to this blogging/therapy thing lol. Thru this I’m hoping to meet others so that I can share and discuss and have some sense of communtity. I’ve always been fascinated with others personal experiences and tips regarding this disorder. So I hope this is just the beginning!

  • Chad McCool

    Thanks for sharing. I struggled to find any current blogs and decided to write my own, which thus far has been nothing but bitter ramblings.

    You are really spot on with the mania not being cookie cutter, in my case I normally do not have the energy to do anything… everything in my house, work and my world goes to heck. Sometimes I wish I had it the other way so i could clean my house.

    Thanks again.

    • acrazybeautifulmind

      Yeah its lovely to have a clean house lol. Contrary to what Dr’s say, I think my manic episodes are great (at the time). But don’t think that happens to me all the time. I’m usually manic only a month out a year. I tend to lean to being more depressed.
      I’m glad you like my blog so far. I’ve got a lot more to talk about!

  • JGoin

    Thanks for the comment on my other post, by the way. Appreciate it. I’ve done a fair amount of research and I’ve narrowed down most of my symptoms to either mid-intensity ADHD, anxiety problems, or some form of manic-depressive/bipolar disorder. Not sure which type, either, so that kind of sucks. Been living it for quite a while and I’ve been trying to find ways to mentally check myself and balance myself out without medication. It’s been an admittedly difficult ride, but things have been getting better slowly.

    Also, the link you posted to WebMD doesn’t work. This one works, though.

    • acrazybeautifulmind

      Finding the right meds is always hard! For me the smallest changes will affect how they work. Thanks for letting me know the link doesn’t work! I hadn’t a clue! Lol

      • JGoin

        I’ve found that alternating small doses of caffeine and a steady ration of niacin (energy/metabolism balancer) tends to work rather well. Keeps me rather steady and keeps my bilirubin levels nice and happy. Helps that I’ve also changed/enhanced my workout routine to include bouldering and light weight-lifting with dumbbells which increases testosterone and changed my diet around to include a lot of the more “exotic” minerals found in mushrooms and their powders in my morning shakes. Would like it if somebody else could corroborate these and speak to their efficacy.

        • acrazybeautifulmind

          Exercise is definitely something that helps. I am completely guilty of not keeping up with that lately. When I get depressed I fall of the bandwagon. I actually don’t know a lot about “exotic minerals”. What research have you done on them? What are their benefits?

      • JGoin

        Well, I’ve been doing a combination shake in the mornings:

        Hemp milk
        frozen fruit
        maca powder (for energy and metabolism)
        cordyceps mushroom powder
        14 mushroom powder blend (including more cordyceps)
        hemp protein powder
        1 banana

        The mushroom blends include a lot of the minerals that multivitamins include by-default with a few extras. I’m not 100% sure of the particulars, but I can attest to their refreshment value. I’ll review the packages when I get home and do a little bit of research. My roommate turned me on to the mushroom powders, as he’s a super-vegan and seems to be doing extremely well all the way around with the blends he makes as well.

        • acrazybeautifulmind

          I live in a semi-rural area so there’s not a lot of access to stuff other than your basics. Where are you getting these from? I used to work for a Dr. that was big on maca powder but I never ended up trying it. I also heard that the taste is hard to overcome. I know nothing about mushroom powder so you are really going to expand on that one.

      • JGoin

        There are some really good bits of information on maca itself located on the Wikipedia page, specifically the “health effects” section:

        And the mushroom powders I mix in my shakes is by a brand called “NaturalZing”.

        14 Mushroom Blend Powder:

        Cordyceps Powder:

        Lots of scientific jargon on all three pages, but my roommate assures me (based on his own research, knowledge of biology and chemistry, and trials over the last 2-3 years) that these blends are literally the best building-blocks for a net-positive booster supplement system he’s found yet. Combine this with occasional doses of Spirulina powder and/or VitaMineral Green, and it’s rather powerful. I initially started out with the Cordyceps/Maca in my shakes as a one-two punch against my mood problems along with cognitive dissonance, and it worked rather well.

        Hope this helps.

  • breelynwrites

    ohhhh those nights of mania….I started my blog during one of them! hence why its a blog of 2 totally unrelated topics, but its my mind at work. and all of us bipolar chics have a totally beautiful mind

    -breelynn ❤

  • Janis Burns

    Former Psych Dr. moved away and 16 months later the clinic has a new Dr. in place. First was a change to my medications — adding tegretol, and now want to add Cymbalta and take away wellbutron… Hmmm. I thought I was doing o.k. on Wellbutron, and my current deeper depression is due to a traumatic experience this past spring (near death experience). I’m wanting to use therapy to deal with the trauma and “deeper derpression” and leave the medications that have been working just as they are. I feel as if I’m being told to change the meds instead, or else find a new Dr. Am I wrong to not want to move away from my current medications since it took 5+ years to find ones that work? I was told sometimes the medications that used to work stop working in some people. Is that true for others?
    Oh yeah, I relaize this is a trust issue, do I trust the new Dr. to know what is what; but I believe I know what is better for me, and that there should be some give n take in these discussions… what do others think?

  • Janis Burns

    I wrote her a letter explaining my concerns with drug interactions between Cymbalta and Tegretol and my current medications that seem to be working. Asked that we not continue down the course of changing medications, and see if we can continue to work together “as a team”. used “I think, I feel, I believe” statements through out the letter to hopefully get past any natural defensiveness. will see how well the letter is received, in 10 days when I go for my next appt.

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