Myths and Stigma

The best way to live with Bipolar II, understand it or help someone with it is to be able to discern fact from fiction. There are more myths out there that I care to count and those are the main cause of stigma. In this post I’m going to go over some of those myths and show how they contribute to stigma.

Major myth that gets under my skin the most, people labeling anyone with a less than a normal personality as Bipolar. We’ve all had those people in our lives that we’re not fond of. Labeling just anyone as Bipolar just because they bother you feeds the myth. Bipolar is not a personality trait. So throwing the word around is well, pointless. I choose not to get offended when it’s missapplied but others might. It also causes ones with the disorder to be ashamed of it and possibly not seek treatment. If you have done this (I’m not asking you to raise your hand to single yourself out) but think how it may or may not affect those around you.

Another myth is that ones with Bipolar/Bipolar II can’t be normal funtioning, successful members of society. This again is false. Sometimes it is extremely hard to function. But overall ones with this disorder do fine. You often don’t know they have the disorder unless they have told you. In my case I graduated high school 2 years early with an A average, I got married and have a successful relationship, I’ve held down the jobs I’ve had, I own a home and I’m currently in school to further my education. There are tons of successful examples that I will share and expand upon in a later post.

These are just a two myths of many. Are there any that you have encountered that I could include in a future blog? In my next blog I’m going to expand on how myths surrounding this disorder contribute to stigma and how stigma affects those with Bipolar disorder or a mental health issue in general. Until next time!


8 responses to “Myths and Stigma

  • ManicMuses

    Hi, there! I think you’re off to a great start with your blog!

    One of my favorite myths about bipolars is that we can’t lead productive lives and successfully contribute to society. Phooey. No one can overlook what Winston Churchill accomplished 🙂

  • Bpder

    I have three least favourite myths. The first is “everybody’s like that!” when you try to describe being bipolar to someone. The second is “maybe what you see/hear/think is real” when I describe my hallicinations or delusions. The third one is “oh I’ll bet all those pills you take do more harm than good” and all you need is “x” natural medicine.

  • EvatheB

    Thanks for this.. it’s nice to know we’re not alone. I’ve been able to hold a relationship of 8 years and manage my finances. My main concern is being lumped in with criminals who also experience delusions and end up murdering their kids (sorry for the dramatic example). I’ve been incredibly open about my illness at my job the past two years, and the delusions I’ve experienced there lately will determine if the people there ultimately are compassionate about it.

    • acrazybeautifulmind

      I hate being lumped together in a category like that too. Everyone’s true colors and feelings about what you’ve shared with them will come out in time. Hopefully it stays positive! Thanks for reading!

  • stephenssusie10

    Your blog is really good and made me think about my Bipolar II. The main stigma that I get is the ability to function. People act so surprised when I tell them that I am going to be completely on my own in a few months…kind of like they are waiting for me to get sick again. I also have this stigma with people concerning my meds. They keep telling me that I need to stay on my meds and to never get off of them. I understand they mean well, but me and meds do not concern them… makes me feel like a child.

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