Here is the awaited post on triggers. For those of you that aren’t as familiar with Bipolar/Bipolar ÎI disorder I’ll quickly explain. A trigger can be something big or little that happens to set ones with the disorder down a different mental and emotional path.

In this first post I want to relate my personal experience with a trigger that actually happened to me today. I woke up this morning and was able to get of bed, I was in a good mood, everything was dandy. I get to school, my husband calls. Our air conditioning unit is not working. In my area it’s been reaching the mid 90’s so it’s hot here. Well this became my trigger today.

I usually handle things just fine but not this time. I became extremely frustrated, snippy and on the verge of tears. Talking to my husband to try and solve the problem only made it worse. It triggered me to go over the edge to the point where I had enough of everything.

After recognizing that I was triggered I took steps to calm back down and I’m ok now. Triggers can ruin your whole day. They can also plunge you into depression or spur you into mania. It’s so important to start looking for these triggers, knowing what they are and have a plan for dealing with it.

There are many triggers I want to talk about and I will keep covering them in future posts. Do you have any triggers that either catch you off gaurd or ones that your able to recognize early on? Comment below or go to the suggestion box page to let me know! I’ll include them in my nex few posts!


6 responses to “Triggers

  • Paul

    What has been triggering me lately is discussion forums I post and on reread realize I have made a blunder in my thought process, severely bothers me.

  • ManicMuses

    Ah, triggers. I started to think of a few things that trigger me, but my troubles begin when I am faced with not one but multiple triggers. A single trigger, just as you pointed out, can usually be dealt with successfully. But when there are multiple things assaulting me at once and I haven’t been able to successfully deal with the first one or two – well, that’s it. The scales are tipped. I’m in that situation right now, so your post is very timely 🙂 Having a plan to deal with triggers is really important! So, guess what I’m doing today? LOL Thanks for the post CMc!

  • Michelle

    Triggers are most often associated with “learned behaviors” or reactions manifested from previous good or bad experiences.

    I usually ask myself “What is the behavior associated with my reaction to this situation (trigger)?

    “How can I “modify” that behavior to eliminate future triggers”? In this way I am looking at the “single” situation I am dealing with and learning how to best avoid it in the future.

    A true trigger of a bipolar episode for me comes from single situations that I have not dealt with properly and allowed to multiply or build up causing a HUGE stress factor for me. This overloads and alters my brain chemicals and causes enough modification to “trigger” an episode. At that point it is too late and I usually have to ride it out.

    Many times Stress caused by multiple events cannot be avoided. For instance, my car breaks down, my son breaks his leg, my husband had a bad day at work and is taking it out on me all in the same day. At that point it is important for to recognize my stress and do what I can to step out of it and decompress.

    Not all episodes of BP are caused by a “trigger”. Some can happen with hormone changes that alter brain chemicals or medications that we are on that alter brain chemicals.

    I think it is important to distinguish “behavioral triggers” and “episodic triggers” and grow from the experiences. Knowing as much as possible about ourselves and distinguishing between us and the disorder is a huge advantage toward stability.

    Awesome blog, thanks for sharing!!

  • Will

    i am a 25 year old male. i was diagnosed mabey 7 years ago but ive been having mood swings since jr high i believe i have grown a hatred for my disorder and to know that its permanent makes me feel a whirlwind of emotions i have stolen lied verbally and emotionally abused all my loved ones no exageration ALL of them. now i abandon them for fear that if i let them get close i will only hurt them. every time i take the meds seems anxiody causes an episode and i flake out before the meds can help GOD i feel sick just thinking about this sick mind im stuck with please help its killing me fast

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