What’s a Trigger?

In my last post I talked about my trigger getting tripped. What’s the trigger? That’s a question that is more complex than it seems. A trigger can be anything really. They also can do different things.

When it comes to Bipolar/Bipolar II a trigger is something that may propell you into a high or a low. Sometimes you can catch it in time and sometimes you can’t. It can be something trivial or something really major. Not very specific huh? That’s why I said that they could be anything.

I first want to talk about triggers that bring you down. Usually, but not always, something major in your life will happen that’s negative. This can trigger or push you towards depression. Some of mine could be an upset in a close personal relationship, financial issues, a combination of smaller things all at once, mostly just negative stuff that’s hard to handle.

Unless you are a glutton for punishment and cause trouble for yourself, these situations are unavoidable. There’s not much we can do about them. We, like everyone else, just handle it the best we can. But, knowing that these situations can possibly trigger us, we have to be aware of them. Meaning, that we see this situation arising, recognize that it’s a possible trigger and prepare how best to handle it.

Only you know how best to handle things when you get triggered. Think about what you do. Does it work? Can you tweak it a little to help more? You have to be prepared and have a game plan in place so that you can do your best to avoid the trigger. Success doesn’t happen everytime but if you didn’t prepare you would always fail. Occasional success sounds pretty good to me!

What triggers you towards depression? Do you recognize your personal triggers? Do you have a game plan in place? I want to hear from you so let me know! Next time I’ll talk about triggers that push you towards mania. Stay tuned!


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