Trigger Up

Since we’ve talked a bit about triggers that push you towards depression I now want to talk about ones the push you up. Up can be mania for some or hypomania for others.
Positive major life changes can trigger mania. A new relationship, marriage, new job, having a baby and any other positive changes can trigger you. The excitement surrounding these changes is what gets me. When I got married the excitement masked how manic I was. It just seemed like I was busy planning. There’s usually a lot of preparation involved with these changes that takes time, so the excitement just builds and builds. Therefore it can trigger you.

Lack of sleep can also trigger mania. If you’ve done some research on this disorder you probably have read that a schedule is really important, especially when it comes to your sleep routine. Any change in your sleep can trigger you. Life happens and things come up that interupt your schedule, that’s completely understandable. But doing your best to stick as close to routine as possible is a good offense against this possible trigger. I’m guilty of falling down on the job when it comes to this one!

New medications. Whenever starting a new medication it’s important to keep track of any mood changes. It can and will happen depending on the type of medication. When starting a new anti-depressant it is really a time to keep on top of things. They have been known to throw ones into mania. This shouldn’t prevent you from trying different anti-depressants to see if they help you. It just means your awareness level should be up.

Recreational drugs. I’ve never tried them and I don’t plan on it but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to include them as a trigger. Ones with a mental illness sometimes self medicate, if this is you keep reading. Drugs that are uppers like ecstasy, cocaine, meth, you get the picture. They can trigger mania for obvious reasons. The more you use them the more the possibility of being triggered.

So, what’s your mania trigger? Do you have a way to avoid it or deal with it? In my next post I’ll talk about how to recognize your personal triggers and how to get a support system in place when it happens. Talk to you then!


8 responses to “Trigger Up

  • ManicMuses

    My triggers for hypomania…lack of sleep and new projects. Skipping even two mights of good rest spells doom, and if I have a new project in the works I need to make sure I limit the time I spend on it. The enthusiasm turns to obsession/compulsion and then into hypomania. But, my last two episodes were brought on my medication changes. I think that is the most dangerous of all if your pdoc isn’t carefully monitoring you!

    If you had to choose one, what’s your main trigger?

    • acrazybeautifulmind

      If I had to choose one it would probably be life changes. The last one that got me was when I started cosmetology school back in January. It was the new exciting experience, new people and new schedule that got me. I wasn’t majorly manic but it really snuck up on me. I’m still not a professional trigger finder in my own life :(. Hindsight’s 20/20!

  • Tavian

    Wonderful blog and so informative. Thanks for sharing your experience and I’ll be following you via Google Reader.

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    […] in mood which can be triggered by a variety of factors.  In fact, the most recent post, Trigger Up,  is an informative, well written piece about various factors that can trigger a manic episode. […]

  • heartjunky

    What are the negative effects of hypomania? I am just beginning to try to make sense of it all. I guess for me, it feels like I lose touch with reality; i become obsessed/compulsive, my projects get grandiose and unsustainable, my relationships and self care suffer and I am unknowingly setting myself up to fall again when the project crumbles and I am alone. Interested in hearing your experiences … Love your blog. Thanks.

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