Recognize & Support

Can you recognize your triggers? I admit that I still have a hard time with that. There can be dozens of them and once you have them down, a brand new one sneaks up on you. So what can you do?

I great way to help recognize your triggers is to track your mood. You can do this with a journal or if you go online there are some mood tracking tools available to you. There’s even mood tracker apps for your phone. When you track your mood you need to keep track of several differents things:

Your mood from day to day

Medications- what you took, how much etc.

Daily events- work, school, home life etc.

Over time, tracking these things helps you to a see patterns and changes. You can also possibly pinpoint when you have beenb triggered. Having a more detailed account of the last 6 months is a lot better and easier than trying to think back.

Now that you can recognize some of your triggers what do you do? You need a support system and back-up plan in place. Steps need to be taken to protect yourself during a manic episode. Your job, relationships and finances can be severely impacted during an episode. Take a step back and look at things to see if you can make a couple of changes to prepare and protect you from mania.

What about when you go into depression? What gets neglected the most in your life when depression hits? See if there are some preventative measures you can take here too.

For either mania or depression you need a support system in place. I’ll talk about this next time. In the meantime, how do you recognize your triggers? Do you currently track your moods? Have you taken preventative measures for the up’s and down’s? Let me know!

4 responses to “Recognize & Support

  • Chad McCool

    The mood tracking suggestion is really helpful. I am going to try it. Thanks for all that you do. Your blog has really helped me through this “discovery period” for me and my disorder.

    • acrazybeautifulmind

      I hope it works for you! Its easy to start mood tracking but its hard to stick with it.

      • getting2old is an easy and free way to track your moods each day. It tracks your sleep patterns, level of highs and lows, level of anxiety and irritability, if you took your meds, and has a little journal area. You can even have your Dr. or therapist sign in (only YOU can approve them in your mood tracking – which also provides an option to keep an entry hidden from anyone you let on there). My therapist checks mine and addresses things I went through – it helps especially on those days where I can’t remember what I want to talk about.

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