Your Hand-picked Support System

Do you have someone to catch you when you fall? When you’re Bipolar/Bipolar II you need a support system in place when a manic or depressed episode hits. The great thing about it is that you get to pick your team members! So who do you need and want on your team?

Family– Most likely, some of your immediate family is aware or your disorder and they have seen you go through your up’s and down’s. So by picking a team member from this group is great because they’ve seen you personally deal with it. You can choose your spouse, parent, sibling or any other type of extended family that you’re comfortable with. Be open with them about your disorder and ask them to help you when you’re having any episode. They can also help you watch for mood changes to help you get a heads up on any mood swings.

Your doctor– This is the person that understands you chemically and some what emotionally. You have shared a lot with them so they are in a great position to help you. When having an episode it’s a good idea to have them on your call list. They can go over your symtoms, medications and preventitive measures you need to take.

Friends– At times we have great friends that can help us through thick and then. They like your family can be of great help. They can offer the love and support you need during the difficult times. They again, can also help you look out for changes in your mood.

These were the three main types of support that you can utilize. You have to ask for help in order to get it, so don’t deprive yourself. Your family, friends and doctor want to help you. In my next post I’ll go over a few more areas you can look for support system team members. See you then!


4 responses to “Your Hand-picked Support System

  • Jess

    know you’re right but sometimes I feel quite the opposite! I know how hard it is sometimes for my family to deal with me, especially my mom- I always end up asking her why she just didn’t let me die when I tried to commit suicide. And my sister-in-law once told me that they get very frustrated with me- makes me NOT want to bother them anymore. And my doctor, ugh… and when I had to go see a psychologist for my disability, he thought there was a good chance I might have adhd, and I’ve been reading up on it and it makes sense, but my doctor will just not listen. Sometimes it’s so easy to feel stuck! Anyway, I am done ranting! I just try to focus on the good days, because I know how much they do mean to my family as well as myself 🙂

    And ps can you delete my other comment? Posted it in the wrong place, grr!

  • getting2old

    I’d like to add that support groups are great help. I go to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) meetings almost every week. They provide something that Dr,’s, friends and family can’t always really provide – shared experience. I have incorporated NAMI as part of my treatment plan.
    They are a great resource for education, support and advocacy. I recently took their In Our Own Voice training and will be speaking at a psychiatric hospital about my experiences through the dark times and that I am still alive and successful – there is hope.

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