And More Support

Sorry that I’ve been MIA for a few days. Life has been crazy! Now we’re ready to talk about support you can aside from you family, friends and doctor.

Therapy- Going to therapy is helpful in that you can talk about your issues with a third party. This person is not involved in your life and doesn’t know the people of the circumstances that you talk about. Sometimes this makes it easier to talk to that person. They can help you recognize signs, symptoms, triggers and help you work through it. The more involved you become in therapy the more it can help.

Local support groups- Depending on the area you live in there may be a local Bipolar support group. Your doctor, therapist or your local library may be able to direct you to one. Shared experience is an amazing support. The people that you meet here have had very similar experiences that you’ve had. The benefit of these groups is obvious. If you live in a rural area like me, there may not be a local group. Due to this I’m currently checking into how to get one started up in my area. Has anyone ever had to do this before?

Online support groups- There are a multitude of Bipolar support groups online. There are forums where you can be yourself and discuss your disorder. Many people gain a lot of support and friends by joining these communities. The first place I would check out is at They have several support communities, including Bipolar.

So what about you? Have you found support in these areas? How have you benefited?

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