Treatment & Therapies – Exercise

I apologize for not blogging for a few days! Life happened and I’ve been busy taking care of it. So I should be getting back on track. I wanted to start a series of posts on treatments and therapies for Bipolar/Bipolar II disorder.

Let’s talk about exercise first. I’m going to be honest with you, this is not my strong point. However, this is very beneficial for your overall management of this disorder. When I do have an exercise routine it helps me tremendously. Everyone knows how great exercise is for your health. When you are healthier, everything in your body improves and feels better. Including your mood. So here’s a few ways in which it can help…

Routine of exercise helps with your overall routine. Routine is a big help with managing your moods. So including excerise and having a certain time set aside a few days a week helps concrete your overall routine.

Sleep. Regular physical activity will help regulate your sleep. When I regularly exercise, I actually want to go to bed and it seems like I get a more restful sleep.

Therapeutic. Excerise can be a thereapeutic distraction from problems, worry and guilt. It gives me something to concentrate on and goals to strive for. If I’m exercising outside I find it very peaceful and mind clearing.

Gets rid of excess energy. The added muscle activity helps to discharge your extra energy. When there’s extra energy it sometimes comes out in anger, frustration or hostility. So it’s a great way to get rid of that energy in a more positive way.

When you are in periods of depression exercise can become really hard. Especially since most experience fatigue and lack of energy along with their depression. These are typically the times when I slack off and lose the whole routine. Don’t force yourself or feel guilty during those times. Just do your best and focus on the benefits that you can receive from it.

Currently I am not exercising. So this post has inspired me to get back on track! I will keep you posted on my progress and let you know how it’s helping me. How has exercise helped you? How have you maintained you routine? I want to know!

3 responses to “Treatment & Therapies – Exercise

  • Doug

    Weight gain can be a huge issue with many of the medications used for treating bipolar disorder. With exercise perhaps some of that gain can be eliminated, or weight can be lost. I had trouble with weight gain and medications, most of them had this side effect, and without exercise I blew up like a balloon. Now on a more weight neutral combo, and an intensive exercise program coupled with a low calorie diet, I have lost almost 100 pounds that I had gained. The results for my life have been all that you said, plus better self-esteem.

  • Diana

    I’ve found that when I exercise, refrain from alcohol, and go to bed at the same time each night, my moods are more even. Recently I was switched to a generic lexapro which resulted in a mixed episode, five days after the switch, and the first thing that went was exercise. I lost all my motivation, for exercise, work and other aspects. I don’t know if exercise is a symptom of good health or the other way around, but when my health and moods are in balance, I am exercising. I know there is a correlation between good mental health and exercise.

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