Bipolar Assets

Those of us who have changed our mental condition from bipolar disorder to bipolar IN order have something important to share. We have found strength in what was at one time a debilitating weakness. We have learned how to function in all states, including the extremes of mania and depression. The insights we have and the tools that we use can help our companies to function better in both boom and bust times. We can inspire everyone to move forward instead of being crippled by fear and doubt.”

This is an excerpt from a post on Psychologytoday’s website that was sent to me by a fellow blogging friend. This is just what I needed to read today. If you have time, you can read the rest of that post here. 

When facing major problems there is definitely an advantage to being Bipolar. However, you have to look at it that way. Whether your history of being bipolar is long or short, you have already developed skills that help you to function during the up times and the down times. Knowingly or not, these skills are there and you know how to use them. The advantage? People without a mental illness have never been forced to learn how to function under less than ideal circumstances on a regular basis but you have.

When a major problem arises you have the skills that can help you not only function but to handle things quite well. These problems don’t have to be debilitating because our minds have already drug us through that. We may have come out somewhat mangled on the other side but we made it. Now its real life slapping you in the face instead of your illness. But, you can have a been there done that attitude because you have the skills you need to survive and they are all at your disposal.

It’s all in how you look at things. Yes, this illness is debilitating and stress and problems can wreak havoc. But put some rose-colored glasses on and see things differently. Are major problems a pain? Yes. Are you bipolar and therefore have the best equipment for these situations in your arsenal? Yep. I’ll take the glass half full any day.

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