About me

It’s hard to know where to start with these things but I’m going to give it my best shot. My name is Courtney. I’m in my early 20’s and I’ve been in rural Oklahoma all of my life. Yes I know, very exciting lol. I’m currently going through a divorce so there are changes around every corner. Starting over is not what I had in mind for this point in my life but I’ll give it a go…

10 random facts about me

I’m in love with personal pictures that can tell your story

Shopping is my greatest weakness

I have Bipolar II

Moscato is my favorite wine

I grew up on a farm

Someday I will volunteer with helping animals

I love helping people with their hair and educating them on it

Dr Pepper is my vice

I was homeschooled

I’m a rookie blogger!


8 responses to “About me

  • Brokenopenscars

    Thank you I have also just started blogging about my bipolar and of late..drinking. Just sort of happened when I was depressed and wouldnt leave the house for 4 months. Are you on meds..I will be checking in on you.
    Please keep in touch

  • mwam8

    Hi, Courtney! I’m glad that you could relate to my post. I’m actually making an effort to not focus my blog solely on bipolar disorder, but the topic inevitably makes frequent appearances! I am bipolar I, so it’s a different ride, but I understand well the symptomatology that defines BD I, BD II, and BD NOS. I think in the next volume of the DSM they’re actually going to add a fourth category for bipolar.

    I really think what you’re doing here is wonderful. My blog is public, and the link on my fb page is visible to everyone. I think you should consider what this means to you, but I have been fighting this for so long that there is absolutely no hiding it, and I just refuse to try anymore. I realized some time ago that by not telling people, I was actually unconsciously adding to the stigma, and more importantly, inadvertently making myself feel ashamed.

    I wish you much luck in fighting the good fight, and I will add you to my blogroll!

    (Oh, and if you haven’t come across it, http://www.dailystrength.org/ has an absolutely phenomenal Bipolar support group, no matter what your diagnosis.)

  • david heath

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I will definitely keep up with yours. 🙂

  • zephyr

    Hi, Courtney,

    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment.

    I like what you are doing here and will be adding you to my links as well as keeping up with your posts.

    I relate strongly to your obvious love for animals as I was working with dogs up until my latest bout of instability with bipolar and still work in a voluntary capacity with a charity that organises dogs and owners to visit hospitals, aged care facilities, psychiatric units and schools. The role animals play in peoples’ lives is an area in which I’m very interested (hmmm, I feel a blog post coming on). My own dogs, two boisterous black labrador boys, are crucial to my well-being. I hope you get to do voluntary work with animals as it is such a rewarding experience.

    BTW, I also love Moscato, although my meds don’t always agree with me drinking it!!

    My boys send “woofs” to Jack and think your cats would be nice to cuddle up to 🙂

    Good luck (and management) with everything,


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