Blog’s Purpose

  • To be a source for those with a mental illness, especially those with Bipolar disorder. Whether that source be information, support, community or a place to share.
  • To raise awareness for Bipolar/Bipolar II.
  • To FIGHT stigma!
  • To be a place for me to be open about my disorder and gain support in the process. Yes, I considerate as great therapy!
  • To help friends and loved ones of those with Bipolar/Bipolar II to gain more understanding so that they can help and cope.

and much more…


3 responses to “Blog’s Purpose

  • Ghita Ingraham

    Courtney… I just want you to know what a contribution you are making to destigmatizing mental illness. Every time I teach the Family2Family class for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), more than half of my students (family members) have a loved one experiencing or diagnosed with Bipolar disorders. Next to having you talk to relatives who have relatives with Bipolar disorders, your blog ( is the next best thing.

    Be encouraged. You and your efforts matter.

  • Shelly

    Cool. I am learning how to use this blog tool myself. I like the different pages. I’ll have to do that. I’m loving what I read so far. Like you, I want to educate and reduce/eliminate (I can hope and pray!) stigma.

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