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Have You Experienced Atypical Depression? Part 2

As promised, I’m going to talk more about atypical depression and its symptoms. In my last post I talked about how leaden paralysis and hypersomnia are symptoms of atypical depression. There are a few more symptoms that set atypical depression apart from the rest. What are they?

Mood reactivity is an interesting symptom of atypical depression. With mood reactivity, one will see their mood improve when something positive happens. With major depression, something positive will not improve one’s mood. I have also noticed this symptom with myself. I tend to perk up unexpectedly when something exciting or positive is happening, despite having been really depressed. Keep in mind that although one’s mood improves with something positive, that improvement is only temporary.

Another symptom is hyperphagia. In layman’s terms, eating too much! In particular, but not limited to, carbohydrates. This was a harder one for me to spot for myself. Being a woman, cravings and having an insatiable appetite can also be attributed to hormones. However, you can track your hormones and how they cycle. Then note when you tend to get cravings and when you are constantly hungry. That can give you a rough comparison of when it’s out of the ordinary for you to want to eat excessively.

Last but not least, is having an increased sensitivity to criticism and a fear of rejection. It’s not hard to imagine that this would greatly interfere with your personal relationships with others. In every aspect of your life, you have relationships with other people. When this symptom comes into play it can have a crippling, far-reaching effect.

As always, you cannot diagnose yourself just by reading this post. But, if you have experienced two or more of these symptoms it’s worth having it checked out. Those with bipolar disorder already know that they have depression. But I always feel better when there’s a name for what I’m experiencing. Now I know that I often suffer from atypical depression. If you have read these last two posts and thought, “that’s me!”, maybe you also suffer from it. If that is you, get checked out. Knowledge is power.


Have You Experienced Atypical Depression? Part 1

I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a few days. I took a much-needed extended weekend. Now I’m ready to get back to business!

Once upon a time not too long ago I was not familiar with atypical depression. Yet, for years I have felt the effects of it. Come to find out, 40% of those who have suffered from depression have experienced it. You may or may not be familiar with it so lets talk about its symptoms.

When I first started reading up on it, the symptom that most struck a chord with me was leaden paralysis. It’s characterized by a feeling of immobility. It’s like your limbs are weighed down and you can’t move. All I could think when I first read about it was, “that’s me!” Many times, I have felt like I literally could not move. Small tasks requiring very little energy or movement sometimes feel impossible. I remember one morning  I forcing myself to go to work. I was putting on my makeup and I felt like I could barely raise my hands up to my face. This symptom has such an appropriate name. It really does feel like a form of paralysis.

Another symptom of this is hypersomnia. Like with all forms of depression, excess sleep is usually present. Hypersomnia however, is to the extreme. Hours on end of sleep. Never having enough, always wanting more. During waking hours, it can also cause extreme sleepiness. I have also experienced this symptom. There have been times when 16 hours of sleep never felt like enough and I could barely could keep my eyes open during the day.

If you are like me and think that this is describing you to a tee, check back in tomorrow. There are a few more facets to atypical depression left to talk about and I will cover them in my next post. Stayed tuned!

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