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Writing is Therapy?

Writing=therapy. Not a new concept but one that I have never really thought of in quite that way until recently. Since I have started blogging I have learned that I love to write and that it actually helps me. Despite this revelation I didn’t really know how or why.

It’s extremely easy to do and if you are like me, than you may be doing it before you realize it. You can write about whatever you want, however you want and whenever you want. It’s something that you can start and stop anytime, so it’s very handy. Plus, you don’t have to have any talent in order to write! This is especially helpful in my case. So what exactly constitutes it as therapy?

When you write, you then have a venue where you can organize those random thoughts and get them out. That gives a sense of control over the thoughts that at times seem to control us. When writing about negative experiences it helps to break up its enormity and put it into smaller more manageable pieces. That in turn, can give a sense of understanding and control. Regarding my negative experiences, having that sense of control and manageability is priceless. My mind builds walls and barriers around those experiences but writing takes those beyond the limitations my mind has created.

Writing has been shown to have benefits with a number of problems and ailments but it can help specifically with mental illness and bipolar. So what are some of them?

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved mood
  • Greater feeling of well-being
  • Reduced blood pressure

Those benefits are the tip of the iceberg. But they’re enough to make you stop and think whether writing as therapy is for you.

Whether you decide to write short stories, blogs or a  journal, just write. It’s free, handy and beneficial. You can keep it to yourself or put it out there for the world to see. I’m not a great writer and I have only been at it a few months but I already know I won’t stop anytime soon. What about you?


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